Double Heat Victory For Nancy Van Der Ven At Italian Championship Event

Nancy van de Ven of the Ceres 71 Yamaha team made a clean sweep during the second round of the Italian Womens Motocross Championships at Castiglione del Lago. She now enjoys a healthy 40 points lead over Kiara Fontanesi in the championship standings.

Van de Ven qualifid second fastest on Saturday, but knowing that qualifying is not her strong suit, she was confident for the race day nonetheless. She underlined this by claiming the holeshot in race one. “I immediately had Fontanesi behind me, and we engaged in a spectacular battle. She passed me, but I put her under pressure and repassed her. Shortly thereafter she crashed, and I had an easy ride to victory,” Van de Ven said.

A lesser start had Van de Ven in an initial fifth place in race two. She immediately went on the attack, and soon found herself shadowing Fontanesi. “I rode on her back wheel for most of the race. Every time I wanted to launch an attack, I made a small mistake or got held back by backmarkers. Towards the end of the race, I saw a gap and went into the lead. I could build up a bit of a cushion and win comfortably again. It was a great weekend for me,” she concluded.

Van de Ven took the overall victory, and has built her lead in the Italian Championship series to a substantial 40 points.

Overall Italian Championship Castiglione del Lago:
1 Nancy van de Ven 240 Pnt
2 Kiara Fontanesi 200 Pnt
3 Elisa Galvagno 145 Pnt
4 Giorgia Montini 135 Pnt
5 Franceca Nocera 125 Pnt

Italian Championship Standings:
1 Nancy van de Ven 460 Pnt
2 Kiara Fontanesi 420 Pnt
3 Francesca Nocera 285 Pnt
4 Elisa Galvagno 270 Pnt
5 Giorgia Montini 260 Pnt

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