Nancy Van Der Ven Contains Damage At Italian GP

Yamaha rider Nancy van der Ven had a good outing at the first round of the WMX world championship series. With second and fourth in the heats respectively, she ended up joint second in points, which was a huge result under the circumstances.

Nancy had not had much time to prepare after suffering a major leg injury. Her objective was solely to score as many points as possible and contain the damage.

Many thousands of spectators arrived to watch the action at Arco di Trento, including many fans from the Netherlands.

Nancy qualified in seventh place, enough for a good starting spot. She started off in race one with a good holeshot, she led for a while, but as her leg began to trouble her later on, Larissa Papenmeijer and Kiara Fontanesi passed her. Van der Ven recovered a spot when Fontanesi crashed, and finished second.

In the secobd race, Van der Ven had to fight forward after a bad start. This after tangling with Courtney Duncan off the start. She quickly recovered to a top five spot and aimed to get into the top three. A crash ahead of her held her up though, and she lost the tow. She eventually finished fourth.

Nancy just missed the podium with fourth overall, but on the same number of points as the second – and third placed riders. She trails the championship leader by five points, and hopes to make good on this at next weekend’s Portugese Grand Prix at Agueda.

Overall WMX in Italy:
1 Larissa Papenmeijer 45 Pnt
2 Courtney Duncan 40 Pnt
3 Kiara Fontanesi 40 Pnt
4 Nancy van de Ven 40 Pnt
5 Amandine Verstappen 36 Pnt

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