Open Dutch Championship Victory For Nancy Van De Ven

Nancy van de Ven of Ghidinelli Racing won the third round of the Ladies’ Open Dutch Championship Series at Oss. Van de Ven claimed victory in both heats, collecting maximum points.

The hilly circuit of Oss was harder than usual due to the sunny conditions. During the training sessions, it was still quite slippery, and Van de Ven chose to take it easy initially, happy with second qualifying spot.

Van der Ven claimed the holeshot in both heats. Not wishing to overcook it, she took it easy initially until she found the limits of the track. In both heats, she gradually openend up the lead in the second half of the race, once she had found her rhythm.

“The riding was quite tricky, because the track was a bit treacherous,” Nancy remarked. ‘’I won both heats, though, so there is no reason to complain.”

Van de Ven will travel to Italy for the third round of the Women’s world championship at Mantova, Italy, next weekend.

Overall Dutch Open Women Oss:
1 Nancy van de Ven 100 Pnt
2 Lynn Valk 90 Pnt
3 Britt Jans Beken 79 Pnt
4 Shana van der Vlist 79 Pnt
5 Tahlia O’Hare 71 Pnt

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