Major Injury Setback for Nancy Van Der Ven

Nancy van der Ven sustained a fractured tibia and fibula during a crash whilst training in Spain on her Yamaha. Her bike slid out on a step-down that was wet and slippery after the track had been watered.

She jettisoned the bike, but landed awkwardly and sustained the injury.

Van der Ven broke both her tibia and fibula, once of which is a compound fracture. She will be operated on tonight and a pin will be inserted.

Nancy was disappointed, but stoic about the event: “many people say that it had better happened now than a month later, because as it is now, I can still be fit and ready at the beginning of the GP season. The stepdown was just after a curve and is quite big. The bike slid out when I took off, and I pushed the bike away. I didn’t clear the jump and fell heavily. I immediately knew that things had gone badly wrong. When they removed my boot in hospital, we immediately saw a lot of blood and it was clear that this was an open fracture. I will have an operation tonight, and the prognosis is for a two month recovery time. I will commence my recovery training as soon as possible, and hope to be ready for the beginning of the GP season.”

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